Course overview

Earthing & Grounding in Power Systems - Calculations, Design & Measurements

Learn to calculate, design and measure earthing and grounding systems. This course covers all of the earthing issues that you can deal with in real-life applications. 27 lectures in 4h 36m total length.
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 What's included?

This course will teach you how to calculate, design, and measure earthing and grounding systems. This course covers all of the earthing issues that you can deal with in real-life applications. You will also learn step potential, touch potential, mesh potential, transfer potential, etc., which are fundamental concepts for designing earthing systems. In the General Overview section, you will learn why we need earthing and grounding systems and the three fundamental grounding systems called TN, TT, and IT.

In the Measurement section, you will learn how to measure and calculate soil resistivity with different methods like the variation of depth method, Wenner method, and Schlumberger–Palmer method. You will also learn how to measure earthing resistance with different methods: dead earth method, three-point method, fall of the potential method, and equilateral triangle method.

In the Design section, you will learn different earthing topologies that you can use in your projects. A comprehensive example of the earthing system design is also included in the design section.

In the Calculation section, you will learn each calculation method for different earthing system topologies like a single earthing rod, single earthing plate, earthing conductor mesh systems without earthing rods, earthing conductor mesh systems with earthing rods, etc.

 Course Content

  • General Overview of Earthing and Grounding Systems
  • Earthing Systems Calculations
  • Earthing System Design
  • Earthing System Measurements
  • Certificate of Completion
4 sections • 27 lectures • 4h 36m total length

 Who Is This Course For

  • Electrical engineers, technicians, electrical engineering students, anyone who wants to learn electrical power networks


  • Basic electrical circuit theory knowledge

Emre Bengi

Founder of Metis Electric Ltd. Electrical and Electronics Engineer.
About EMRE
Graduated from METU Electical and Electronics Engineering department. 8 years electrical distribution work experience in Enerjisa which is the biggest electrical energy company in TURKEY. Founder of Metis Electric Ltd. firm in Turkey. In this company, I am giving technical educations in electrical power sector to electricity generation and distribution companies and also industrial companies. Technical educations are for both electrical engineers and technicians working in electrical power sectors.

In addition to technical education courses, I am giving consultancy to companies that have problems in their electrical power systems like efficiency, new facility installation or expanding power systems.

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