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Ultimate Electrical Machines Course

Learn everything about electric machines: DC, synchronous and induction machine, transformer and magnetic circuits. 105 lectures in over 13 hours of lessons.
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 What's included?

Welcome To Our Course "Complete Electrical Machines Course For Electrical Engineering". This course is designed for anyone who would like to learn about electrical machines from A to Z for electrical engineers including DC machines, magnetic circuits, transformers, synchronous machines, and induction machines.

What are you going to learn in this course?
  • Importance and construction of DC machines
  • Armature winding and emf equation
  • Separately excited DC machine
  • Shunt and series DC machines
  • Types and applications of compound DC motors
  • Torque-speed characteristics and speed control of separately excited DC motor
  • Torque-speed characteristics of series DC motor
  • Starting of DC machine
  • Armature reaction in DC machines
  • Losses in DC machines
  • Dozens of solved examples on all types of DC machines
  • Importance of the magnetic circuit and its application like transformer
  • Difference between linear and non linear materials
  •  Important definitions of magnetic circuits, flux linkage and reluctance
  • Analogy between the magnetic and electric circuits , the similarity between them like resistance, reluctance, conductivity, permeability, emf, mmf, current, flux, magnetic flux density and current density
  • Induced emf, fringing effect and ampere right hand rule or screw rule
  • Importance of transformers and why it is considered as the backbone of the power system
  • Construction of the transformer and its main components
  • Iron core which is responsible for the magnetic flux action
  • Magnetic circuit which is represented by the iron core
  • Windings of transformer, types, categories and construction
  • Insulating material between the windings and iron core + transformer oil and its great importance
  • Conservator of transformer which contains oil and its function
  • Breather which is used as filter in transformer
  • Bushings which is important for human safety and protection from instant death
  • Tap changer which is used to control the voltage according to the load variations
  • Cooling tubes for transformer oil cooling and heat dissipation
  • Buchholz relay in transformer for gas detection
  • Explosion vents for protection of transformer in case of internal faults
  • Different methods of cooling of transformer and their corresponding power rating
  • Different types of transformers as power and distribution transformers
  • Difference between single phase core and shell type transformers
  • Difference between three phase core and shell type transformers
  • Comparison between the shell type and core type transformers
  • Theory of operation of transformer
  • Effect of loading on transformer
  • Transformer rating, regulation and efficiency
  • Different losses occurring in transformer
  • Approximate and exact equivalent circuits of the transformer
  • Voltage relation in the transformer
  • Ideal and non-ideal transformers and understand which one of them represents an actual real-life transformer
  • Concept of referring in transformer
  • Principle of operation of synchronous motor
  • Construction and principle of operation of synchronous generator
  • Equivalent circuit and phasor diagram of salient synchronous machine
  • Equivalent circuit and phasor diagram of non-salient synchronous machine
  • Parallel operation of two generators
  • Synchronization of the machine with the grid
  • Dozens of solved examples on synchronous machines salient and non-salient
  • Construction and theory of operation of induction machines
  • Equivalent circuit and power flow in the induction motor
  • Torque-speed characteristics of induction motor
  • Methods of speed control of induction motor
  • Methods of starting induction motor
  • Principle of operation of doubly fed induction generator
  • Self-excited induction generator
  • Dozens of solved examples on induction machines

 Course Content

  • Course Content
  • DC Machines
  • Construction of Transformer
  • Fundamentals of Magnetic Circuits
  • Theoretical part on Transformers
  • Synchronous Machines
  • Induction Machines
  • Certificate of Completion
7 sections • 105 lectures • 13h 21m total length

 Who Is This Course For

  • Anyone who wants to get knowledge about Transformers from Zero
  • Anyone who wants to get knowledge about Magnetic Circuits.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Electric Machines.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about DC Machines.
  • Anyone who wants to get knowledge about Synchronous Machines.
  • Anyone who wants to learn everything about Induction Machines.


Must have knowledge about Fundamentals of Electric Circuits or taken my course for Electric Circuits to understand the analysis of circuits.

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