ePLAN Electric P8 - Custom Symbols, Tips And Tricks

Symbol libraries management, custom symbols, layer management, funtions to help you work more efficiently in EPLAN etc.
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 What's included?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not an official EPLAN course. For official training and certification as well as for the purchase of EPLAN software contact the manufacturer of the software.

I welcome you to, according to my opinion, the intermediate course on EPLAN Electric P8. In this short but intense course we are going to cover the following sections / function in EPLAN:

  • Symbols and symbol libraries - masterclass - everything you need to know about custom symbols in EPLAN
  • Layer management in EPLAN - what layers in EPLAN can do for us in the real-world
  • How to be more effective when working in EPLAN
  • Bonus lecture - very interesting way to tag cables (a requirement from some customers in the real-world)

I hope you will find my course valuable and fun and I wish you a great success in mastering EPLAN and electrical design!

 Course Content

  • New custom symbol in an existing symbol library (IEC_Symbol)
  • New symbol library and new symbol in this library
  • New variant of a symbol
  • Import / Export symbols (Symbol exchange between symbol libraries)
  • Most important tip when working with custom symbol libraries
  • Layer management
  • How to work efficiently in EPLAN
  • How to tag cables - special case (requirement from some customers)
  • A pump (electric motor) needs a possible phase switch - how to represent that?
  • Cable core spares - what to do with them in a circuit diagram - two options
  • Certificate of Completion
4 sections • 11 lectures • 1h 3m total length

 Who Is This Course For

  • Everyone who wants to work in EPLAN Electric P8


  • Eplan Electric P8 software (any version, including Eplan Education)

Ivan Vidovic

Graduated electrical engineer with more than 9 years of experience in the professional design of various industrial electrical and automation systems.
About Ivan
Ivan is a graduated electrical engineer with 10 years of professional experience in the electrical design of various industrial automation systems. On the one hand in the automotive industry (Daimler, VW etc.), on the other hand process industry (TEVA, Coca-Cola, Lactalis etc.). Professional experience from different industries, for example Oil & Energy, Food & Beverages, dairy factories, chemical industry, Automotive( car body manufacturing - Karosserierohbau and industrial paint shops - Lackieranlagen).
International working experience (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China) I have been working in EPLAN since 2010, since version 1.9.
Eplan Electric P8 Advanced User Certificate.