ePLAN Electric P8 - The Essentials For Beginners

The basics of EPLAN, the essential functions and sections, so you can create some decent circuit diagrams. Interesting starting point into EPLAN and into electrical design field.
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 What's included?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not an official EPLAN course. For official training and certification as well as for the purchase of EPLAN software contact the manufacturer of the software.

After some feedback from my students I've finally invested time and energy to create this EPLAN beginner's course. Only the essentials, only EPLAN (no design this time). If you're into learning the basics of EPLAN, the essential functions and sections to be able to create some decent circuit diagrams in EPLAN then you've come to the right place.

It doesn't matter whether you are a total beginner with EPLAN and electrical design or you are already an accomplished electrical designer and you just want to experience what does it mean to design in EPLAN, you will find this course an interesting starting point into EPLAN and into Electrical Design field.

Or you might be a company owner / freelancer and want to see if EPLAN is worth investing your time and money to incorporate it into your design standards - this course will help you decide.

I originally planned to keep this course under 1 hour of length, but then, while I was filming the lectures I realized that anything under 2 hours would not be fair to my students, and that's only to show you the basics. So, without further ado, check the free preview videos and if you like what you see, enroll and let's start the journey!

 Course Content

  • Introduction to  EPLAN Workspace
  • Manage EPLAN Projects (copy, delete, rename, backup, restore etc.)
  • Manage EPLAN pages (page types, number pages etc.)
  • Understand EPLAN structures - with examples - very important
  • Page / Window macro - why and how
  • Main function - contactor example, check EPLAN project
  • The Plotframe - manage, edit, adjust - basic steps
  • How to - circuit diagrams in EPLAN - the proper way (PLC, circuit breaker, motor example)
  • Rounding up the EPLAN Project - Reports (cables, terminals, parts) and Export
  • Bundle connection points plus additional tips and tricks
  • Certificate of Completion
7 sections • 16 lectures • 2h 40m total length

 Who Is This Course For

  • Everyone who want to learn basic steps in EPLAN
  • Freelancers, CEOs that might consider purchasing EPLAN - to see if it's worth it
  • Everyone considering working as an Electrical Designer
  • Factory Management - to consider introducing EPLAN into engineering department


Eplan License (any version, including Eplan Education), in the course I work in 2.7 HF5.

Ivan Vidovic

Graduated electrical engineer with more than 9 years of experience in the professional design of various industrial electrical and automation systems.
About Ivan
Ivan is a graduated electrical engineer with 10 years of professional experience in the electrical design of various industrial automation systems. On the one hand in the automotive industry (Daimler, VW etc.), on the other hand process industry (TEVA, Coca-Cola, Lactalis etc.). Professional experience from different industries, for example Oil & Energy, Food & Beverages, dairy factories, chemical industry, Automotive( car body manufacturing - Karosserierohbau and industrial paint shops - Lackieranlagen).
International working experience (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China) I have been working in EPLAN since 2010, since version 1.9.
Eplan Electric P8 Advanced User Certificate.